Current issues in Fedora 31 alpha (with Silverblue)

I tried rebasing to Fedora 31 with Silverblue and hit the following issues:

  1. wireless networking doesn’t work: wpa_supplicant is not installed, iwd is used instead
  2. toolbox (or podman?) is broken
    • error: Error: unable to start container "test": error reading container (probably exited) json message: EOF
    • different error messages for an existing F30-built container or a new container
    • bug filed @
    • no known fix
  3. Firefox is older than the version in F30 (this prevents you from using your Firefox profile, as it checks and does not want to be downgraded)
    • This will be fixed whenever the most recent version of Firefox lands in F31; meanwhile, it requires creating a new profile or using another browser (which may include Firefox in a Flatpak or installing Epiphany or Chromium as a layered RPM)

I’m not sure if I would’ve hit two of these issues if I had upgraded to F31 on a traditional install. DNF would’ve probably kept wpa_supplicant and Firefox probably wouldn’t have been downgraded.

Thankfully, with Silverblue, it’s possible to rollback (except I changed too many things when installing/rebooting F31, so I cannot here on this machine) or rebase back to F30 (and reinstall the layered packages).

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I know today Firefox 69 was released today Sept. 3rd. So will that version be included in F31?

Firefox 69 should be shipping to F29, F30 and F31 it’s just that the package is failing to build.

It is strange because according to the repo date both F30 and F31 should have exactly the same version of Firefox - 68.0.2.
And you don’t have to wait for another update of Firefox, just run firefox --allow-downgrade for the first time. it will not block your current profile and it worked just fine for me.

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The logs show that the version of cbindgen is too old, as the version of Rust required for Firefox 69 must’ve been bumped up.


 0:09.25 ERROR: cbindgen version 0.8.7 is too old. At least version 0.9.0 is required.
 0:09.25 Please update using 'cargo install cbindgen --force' or running
 0:09.25 './mach bootstrap', after removing the existing executable located at
 0:09.25 /builddir/build/BUILD/firefox-69.0/.cargo/bin/cbindgen.

So it makes sense why F32 (rawhide) builds fine, but F29, F30, and F31 fail — the version of Rust in everything but rawhide is just too old.

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Issues 1 and 3 are solved now. 31.20190914.n.0 with no layered packages has Firefox 69 and wpa_supplicant.