Cuda/older GCC on Silverblue

At our company, we have a team of developers that are not used to developing in containerized environments. I’m interested in moving people to silverblue to avoid some system library headaches, however, I would like people to have in their dev environment the cuda 11.8 toolkit which only supports up to GCC 11.

On Fedora workstation, we can get aroud this by manually compiling gcc 11 and symlinking it for nvcc (CUDA incompatible with my gcc version - Stack Overflow), is there an equivalent workaround for silverblue that does not involve toolbox/distrobox?

You can compile and install anything you like in /usr/local or /opt. They are symlink to /var and will be preserved across updates.

HomeBrew (LinuxBrew) or Nix may be other options for you.

We generally recommend toolbox & distrobox because it makes it relatively easy to get an older or specific version of a package from another distribution.

Thanks @siosm for the pointers! I’ll try dumping everything into /usr/local and go from there.

I’ve been experimenting a bit with toolbox (which currently does not support nvidia accelerated workloads with the latest nvidia-container-toolkit) and distrobox, unfortunately toolbox and distrobox have limitations around certain graphics workloads, support for vulkan/nvidia is still not 100% (e.g. currently dealing with the inability to run wgpu programs in a container).