Cuándo saldrá la actualización de Rapid Photo Downladoer?

Cada que abro el programa me recuerda que ya está la nueva versión disponible desde hace semanas, pero sigue sin aparecer la actualización en el centro de software de gnome :confused:

Hay manera de reportar directamente algo así? o este medio está bien?

Sometimes an application has its own method to check for new versions.

More often than not, versions in Fedora repositories will lap behind. Thus “dnf upgrade” will not get the latest published version by the application author.


  1. See if there is a build-in update method provided by the application, and update it.
  2. Ignore that prompt, and wait for the new RPM version become available.
  3. Sometimes, the application you are using is not the RPM version, it might a Flatpak, etc. Then follow those specific update method accordingly.
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Thanks a lot for answering @sampsonf , and yes, it is the rpm version, in fact, is the only version available in the Gnome Software, and that’s my question, how long does it usually takes to be updated via rpm? or where should i remind the person in charge of updating it?

I wouldn’t like to do the first step if it’s not necessary.

Please see this thread.

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Oh ok…that’s precisely what i wanted to find, the place where we could see directly if it has been updated or not and a way to contact the mantainers…which i’ve done, thanks @sampsonf :slight_smile:

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Ok, new problem, i’ve seen this site: rapid-photo-downloader - Fedora Packages

And tried to send an email to the mantainers, but keep getting mailer daemon, in the site this appears as the mail:

But i’ve sent email to this two, and i get mailer daemon:

Am i doing something wrong? Thanks.

PS: this is what i was writing to them in the mails:

Hi Fedora team,

Thanks for the wonderful work you do, i wanted to let you know that it has been some weeks since the last update and would like to know if you were aware of that or aprox. how long does it take to have the update directly from gnome software?

Anyway, i put the link of the update here in case it helps: Rapid Photo Downloader: Download and Install

See ya.

PS: i’ve noticed about the update cause the program let us know when it happens, but i wouldn’t like to do it manually to avoid any issue.

Oh, i’ve seen that i’ve written wrong the email, and now i finally did it well, but the mail isn’t working anyway :frowning:


I am not very familiar with the process.

I thought in this case, open a Bugzilla report should help.