"crypto-policies" now has a dependency for grub2 when updating

I don’t particularly want grub installed as I use rEFInd so when I noticed that grub was going to be (re)installed as a dependency with an update for crypto-policies I was a little confused, it didn’t need it before after all. Could anyone explain why this now might be required or could it be an error somewhere?
[attached is DNF’s output when upgrading]

Hi @CrimsonTears, the grub packages are pulled in via grubby, which is a dependency of fips-mode-setup. So if you disable weak dependencies you won’t get grub/grubby installed.

fips-mode-setup is a tool to enable/disable FIPS mode for the system, it is unlikely you need it.

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Thank you very much. This would never have occured to me :innocent:

You can use dnf repoquery --requires/--recommends to track these kind of things down:

ce@caprica ~ % dnf repoquery --requires crypto-policies  

ce@caprica ~ % dnf repoquery --recommends crypto-policies

ce@caprica ~ % dnf repoquery --requires crypto-policies-scripts

ce@caprica ~ % dnf repoquery --recommends crypto-policies-scripts
crypto-policies = 20200619-1.git781bbd4.fc32

ce@caprica ~ % dnf repoquery --requires fips-mode-setup        
crypto-policies = 20191128-5.gitcd267a5.fc32
crypto-policies = 20200619-1.git781bbd4.fc32
crypto-policies-scripts = 20200619-1.git781bbd4.fc32
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Thank you. I’ve saved this for the next time I need it. :grin: :+1:

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