Creation of desktop file, not working so I must be missing something

Thought I’d drop a note here before I create a bug on this. I must be missing something because doesn’t seem to be working.

First of all, there is a Terminal= parameter. True if the application runs in a terminal, False if it doesn’t. It is followed by TerminalOptions= which would be parameters to be used by the terminal application, such as --background-mode --profile or -e script_name. However from what I understand the TerminalOptions= has been deprecated, but i haven’t found what is suppose to be used in it’s place. Does anyone know?

Secondly, there are two additional fields:

Here is a link that explains how they work:

The idea being if X-DBUS-StartupType = Unique, then if X-DBUS-ServiceName is already started, Unique will prevent it from being started again until no other instances are active.

The problem being though that X-DBUS-ServiceName doesn’t appear to work. Anybody else experienced this issue? I was thinking it maybe a Wayland bug, but I searched and couldn’t find anything that had been reported.