Create custom Fedora ISO for our University


I am a student at the University of Macedonia. We formed an Open Source Team ( sorry it’s in Greek. Soon we will have it in English).

We wanted to create an ISO for the first-year students with the software we use during our student years. We have a task at our Gitlab:

Up to now, I didn’t find a FULL tutorial on how to create an ISO.
Can someone help?

Καλησπέρα @iosifidis and welcome to our Fedora Community!

Your project is so awesome!

I hope these 2 links may help you out?

We wish you all the best for this great project!

Καλή τύχη και τα καλύτερα


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Thank you @andilinux
I will give it a try and come back soon.
I knew the first link but I missed the second. So now I will follow the second link and try it.
Thanks again.

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Your welcome @iosifidis