Create app launcher for an AppImage

I searched for solutions, but I’m not able to find one.

I have Obsidian App image (obviously it’s not installed),
Now instead of going to ‘files’ to run Obsidian, I want to pin that App image / file to favorites/ task bar.

But How do I do this ?
I want that app image/file to be pinned to favorites permanently.
Also when I run that App image there is no Obsidian icon, How do I make it visible ?

I’m sorry if this was very silly question, i’m asking here as I did not find an answer anywhere.

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You need to create a “launcher” for the app, which you can then “add to you favorites” and it will appear in the dock/bar. A launcher is defined in a .desktop file. If you search for that, you find a lot of examples.

I guess, everything you need to know is described here:

(no matter this is written for Ubuntu, it’s the same for Gnome on Fedora)

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Alternatively, you could try AppIMageLauncher which automatically does all this for you.