Create a VPN connection to a Mac OS server


I am using Fedora 32. I’d like to create a VPN connection to my workplace which is running Mac OS. I go to Settings => Network and click the plus sign to setup a VPN but have difficult making the correct configurations. There are lots of options and settings that I don’t understand. I don’t know which VPN option to add.

I have another iMac that can successfully connect to the office VPN using the below settings:
VPN Type: Cisco IPSec
Server Address: ###.###.###.###
Account Name: *******
Password: *******
Authentication Settings > Shared Secret: *******

I just don’t know how to do the same on Fedora. Please help. Thank you.

Go to Settings → Network and in the VPN section click on the plus sign to make a new VPN connection.

If “Cisco Compatible VPN (vpnc)” is not among the listed options, you should install NetworkManager-vpnc-gnome first and then probably logout and log back in.

Once you’ve got it, you can configure the connection: