Crash on f32 when using chrome

Hi everybody,
I using F32 and when run chrome or chromium browser, my system goes freeze. sometimes it comes out ( logout ). but Often need to be restart. this problem was created after the upgrade to 5.7 kernel.

Can you boot with the former Kernel and try running Chrome or Chromium? What happens?

Same here. @msm1365. Try shifting back to old kernel version (v5.6.6). Select the same from GRUB.

And hey, while you are still logged into kernel (v5.7.7), make a copy of the Kernel’s Log.

Command: journalctl --no-hostname -k > dmesg.txt
Command: journalctl -b --no-hostname -k > dmesg(prevBoot).txt

The log will be stored in dmesg.txt and dmesg(prevBoot).txt
You will be requiring this while posting a bug report (later on).

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yes, Everything is fine.

Great. Consider @snikhill’s post above

I think problem is related with intel gpu!!!

Ooof, when i run stardict program, system goes hang!!! and comes out. ( logout )

My system was updated to new kernel. But the problem is remains.
Does anyone have a solution?

my problem was solved after 6 month after update to 5.11 kernel.

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