Crash in unknown function

Crash in unknown function
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Fedora 38 1 / 2
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x86_64 2
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LibreOffice-core 2
google-noto-sans-vf-fonts 2
msttcore-fonts-installer 2
liberation-serif-fonts 1
google-noto-sans-mono-vf-fonts 1
LibreOffice-writer 1
libreoffice-opensymbol-fonts 1
liberation-mono-fonts 1
liberation-sans-fonts 1
Screenshot from 2023-09-11 00-01-29
LibreOffice writer is is not opening

Hello @sfed12 ,
It should be reported upstream to LibreOffice dev’s. Though I use it and do not have crash issues. I also have all LibreOffice components installed, spreadsheet, draw, etc…

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Why? :interrobang:

I will use libreoffice writer for my pending works. It is creating too late

I do not intend to be rude, but we are not a paid support service. We are volunteers who freely give our time and experience to assist others. Demanding support and setting deadlines is not appropriate on this forum. Your urgent need is not our need and we do not operate that way. Please check the code of conduct and understand how to ask questions.

You have told us libreoffice is crashing.
You have told us that it appears to be unable to open and recover the previous files.

We really have nothing more to use for information to assist.

You might try removing the saved files it is trying to recover before restarting in case those files are corrupt in content.
You might boot to a live media and run an fsck on the involved file system in case something is corrupt.
You might try a different user and see if libreoffice will open properly for the new user.

Please help us to help you with information and being polite instead of demanding.

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