CPU temperature raises high while DNF UPDATE, Fedora34

You were given “stress” as one tool to stress test the cpu. There are several others that can be found with a simple google or ddg search and used.

I would bet that you will see the overheating shutdown by using stress and running it for a minimum of 2 minutes instead of limiting it to 30 seconds as you did earlier.

I made one more test with 120 seconds:

[jojo@fedora ~]$ sudo stress --cpu 12 --timeout 120
stress: info: [112828] dispatching hogs: 12 cpu, 0 io, 0 vm, 0 hdd
stress: info: [112828] successful run completed in 120s

in the first 60 seconds the CPU temp went to 90 - 93 ° celsius, in the second 60 seconds it was mostly about 85 ° celsius. 5 - 10 seconds after stress ended it was 50 ° celsius.

That shows that there is definitely an issue with inadequate heat removal under load.

My laptop, an i7-9750H, 6 core 12 thread, 16 GB RAM, when running
“sudo stress --cpu 12 --timeout 1200” (20 minutes)
never exceeded 85C at the beginning and after 3 seconds was stable at 65-70C at 3200 MHz clock. gkrellm showed 99% cpu load.

Within 30 seconds after the end temps were 44-46C, 1-2% load, and 800 Mhz clock.

While I realize there may be a significant quality difference in the hardware design between your system and mine, it seems the only real issue you have is inadequate cooling under load. Your method of controlling the temp while using dnf seems to work .

Interestingly enough, it seems “stress” does not adequately do a full stress on the cpu. I run boinc using the rosetta project and at ~17% load processing 2 work units (2 cores) the CPU freq goes to 4200 MHz and temps go to 70-72C, which seems a heavier processing and thermal load than that provided by stress with 100% cpu load on 12 cores. Thus it seems reasonable that dnf may stress the system more than the “stress” app actually does.

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Thank you @computersavvy for testing and sharing the result.
I run an i7-10750H, 6 core 12 threads and 16 GB RAM. According to intel the ‘average temperature rate’ is 50-65° celsius. While on power supply my notebook’s temperature is mostly 50-55 ° celsius, while on battery it is about 45° celsius.

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Is your bios firmware up-to-date?

this all sounds as if the fan should kick-in earlier and/or spin faster. have you googled the issue related to your make and model? Maybe it is something others have experienced as well.

Addt’l information on fan control: Fan speed control - ArchWiki

yes, bios firmware is up-to-date. Notebook was assembled in May 2021.

I just ran a benchmark by Unigine, the result seems to be ok as I interpret it:

Please note that that particular benchmark is focused on the GPU and not the CPU. You have said the problem is excess temps on the CPU.

Here is one of the results of a search for benchmark tool for CPU.