CPE Weekly Report: 2021-02-26

Hi Everyone,

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Initiative FYI Links

Initiatives repo here: Overview - cpe/initiatives-proposal - Pagure.io
2021 Quarterly Planning timetable here:
Time Tables :: Fedora Docs so you know when
I need it in by to review it.
Details on initiative requesting/how to work with us on new projects
here: New Initiative Workflow :: Fedora Docs


I hope you all enjoyed DevConf.cz last week! There were some great
talks and I am looking forward to catching up on the ones I
unfortunately missed when they are posted in a few weeks!
Also if you missed the CentOS Dojo at FOSDEM, you can watch all talks
on the CentOS YouTube channel here

Project Updates

The below updates are pulled directly from our CPE team call we have
every week.


  • We are now in F34 freeze! All changes to frozen hosts take 2 +1s
  • Bodhi updates-testing activated for F34
  • Fedscm-admin work started on default branches
  • Openh264 repos are hosted on Cisco CDN


CentOS Updates


  • CentOS CI updated OCP to 4.6.17
  • Rolled out security fixes to ci.centos.org Jenkins and cert update

CentOS Stream

  • Documentation updated on the shortened CentOS Linux → CentOS Stream
    conversion, see the demo here CL8 to CS8 upgrade - asciinema
  • CentOS Extras is now separately delivered for Stream and Linux
  • CentOS Stream 8 container images are published now to quay.io

Team Info


The Community Platform Engineering group, or CPE for short, is the Red
Hat team combining IT and release engineering from Fedora and CentOS.
Our goal is to keep core servers and services running and maintained,
build releases, and other strategic tasks that need more dedicated
time than volunteers can give.

See our wiki page here for more
information:The Community Platform Engineering Team :: Fedora Docs

As always, feedback is welcome, and we will continue to look at ways
to improve the delivery and readability of this weekly report.

Have a great weekend!


Source: CPE Weekly status email - HackMD