Council meeting agenda: 2023-02-15

Here’s the agenda for our meeting 2023-02-15T15:00:00Z

  • Hackfest followup
    • Fill out the WhenIsGood poll for a new meeting time
    • Review the [zodbot from the Hackfest]( Review the zodbot from the Hackfest by the end of the week (shared with Council members only)) by the end of the week (shared with Council members only)
    • Docs tickets and tickets tickets — what’s blocked? What do you need help with?
  • Your topics here!

The whenisgood poll link is exclusive to those who have an account there. Is it intended?

I’ve fixed the URL. Try again.

D’oh, sorry. Brains are hard.

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Works, thanks!

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We didn’t have enough attendance to go over stuff, so consider this a bump to remind you of the links above (particularly reviewing the zodbot doc and filling out the whenisgood (which finally has a correct link))

I filled the meeting time poll, but I realized this is an awkward time to fill it because Daylight Savings starts in a couple weeks, and many of the meeting times I am available will shift by an hour after the time change.

I suggest answering based on daylight saving/summer time. We’ve had very few responses so far, so it’s likely that at least the US will have made the change before the new time is set.