Council meeting, 2023-10-25: Introducing Operations Architect, expanding Executive Sponsors, & other charter updates

The Fedora Council met today for our fortnightly meeting. Main topics for discussion today:

  1. #468: Welcoming the new Fedora Operations Architect, @amoloney
  2. #462: Council charter update: update Fedora Program Manager to Fedora Operations architect
  3. #412, #438: Updating the charter to improve Objectives; Council charter changes

Today’s meeting largely focused on reducing the backlog of pending documentation changes. Most notably, the Fedora Operations Architect role page is now published. Additionally, further enhancements were made to the Executive Sponsors role in the Community Initiatives page. This followed our Council hackfest in Frankfurt back in February. These changes and more were ratified and are now published.

We also briefly ventured into two new topics, which will likely be the basis for our next meeting:

  1. #361: Re-purpose the Fedora Atomic brand for unbranded rpm-ostree builds of Fedora
  2. Location for the next Fedora Council hackfest in 2024

Thanks all who attended today. See you next time!

Meeting started by at 14:00:11 UTC

Meeting summary

TOPIC:Welcome & hello’s (, 14:00:33)

TOPIC:Announcements, news, & community updates (, 14:05:00)

TOPIC:Ticket-driven discussion (, 14:17:46)

  • INFO: !info Most of the Fedora Council meeting agenda is ticket-driven. Topics and discussions originate as tickets in our Pagure issue tracker. Certain issues are tagged for discussion at Council meetings for follow-up. (, 14:19:01)

TOPIC:#462: Council charter update: update Fedora Program Manager to Fedora Operations architect. (, 14:19:04)

TOPIC:[[DAILY DOUBLE]] #412: Updating the charter to improve Objectives & #438: Council charter changes (, 14:30:06)

TOPIC:Open floor (, 14:55:43)

Meeting ended at 15:02:14 UTC

Action items

  • !action @all Please help by writing a Contributor Story on GitLab or sharing favorite photo(s) from your time in Fedora on Fedora Discussion.
  • !action Open a new ticket for the Fedora Council hackfest
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