Couldn't print 8.5x13 in. documents properly

I am currently using Fedora 33 Workstation in my laptop. With that, I have set up a Raspberry Pi (model 3B+) CUPS server which is directly connected via USB to my printer (HP DeskJet InkAdvantage 1515). By doing so, I could print documents wirelessly as long as a device is connected to the same network as the Raspberry Pi (my home network in this case).

However, I am having a problem with printing a specific document size. When I print 8.5x13 in. documents using direct USB connection to the printer instead of through the Raspberry Pi server, it prints fine. However, if I print the same document through the CUPS server, the bottom part gets cut off (not the whole page is printed). I have tested printing the same document wirelessly using other devices (Android phone and Chromebook) but they print 8.5x13 in. documents fine. So I only encounter this problem with my laptop with Fedora.

It would appear that the server is using the default “letter” (8.5x11) size paper format and should use the “legal” (8.5x14) size format to print that document. From what you said it appears the printer is handling it correctly but the server is not.

Looking at the documentation for that printer it seems that it is also wireless capable. Why use the Pi when you can print from anywhere on the local network wirelessly.

You can use hplip (installed from fedora) on the laptop and since the other devices already work no change there.

I think you are looking at a different printer model. My printer has these specifications which states it does not include wireless printing. My printer does not have an Ethernet port.

Also, I’m not trying to print the US Legal size (8.5x14 in.). My country, Philippines, uses a different size for government/legal document called “Long” which is 8.5x13 in. exactly. I think the American equivalent of this size is “Foolscap” which is what my Raspberry Pi server indicates.

As I have said, other devices prints 8.5x13 in. documents fine through the Raspberry Pi server. With my Chromebook, Android phone, and Windows computer, the bottom part is not cut off when printing 8.5x13 in. documents wirelessly. This only happens with my Fedora laptop so I think there is an issue with how Fedora interfaces with the CUPS server.

I suspect that it is because Fedora automatically discovers network printers and automatically install the driver with it (even if the driver is not the correct one). Based from what I can see in Settings > Printers , Fedora detects the shared printer in my Raspberry Pi but the model indicated is different (HP Deskjet All-in-one 1518); but this is just a suspicion.

Ah, I see.

There are usually 2 options when sending documents to a print server.
One is to do the pre-formatting at the source and send the finished document.
The second is to send the raw document and let the server format it as the print job is processed.
The print server itself has to be able to handle the normal print mode. The differences usually boil down to having the printer driver on the server and not on the source or having the printer driver on the source and the server set to print the raw file (already formatted).

I am guessing the issue lies in these differences since everything else is able to print properly but fedora is not.

Just as a test, can you try printing the exact same file from fedora and also from one or more of your other devices. If one prints properly and fedora does not then it is most likely the formatting option I mentioned and you will have to look at how to have fedora send the same type print file as the others.