Could you Please correct the link of a Duplicity Post Documentation [Broken Link]

The Post is the following:

Redirect to →

Instead of → duplicity: Documentation


I’ve gone ahead and corrected this. But for the benefit of readers and our editors – we do not go back to correct broken links as a policy, except in cases of errors in the original article that we detect within the first few days or weeks.

Links break all the time on the internet. They are the responsibility of the website owners, and not those linking to them. Otherwise all the available labor on the planet would be expended keeping up with an impossible number of changes every day.

For future reference Héctor, you would probably want to report this to the owners of and ask them for a proper redirect. (Also, the link you provided is itself 404, but I found the correct one and used that.)


I didn’t know that Magazine policy … Good to know



It’s no worry, you couldn’t really have known. But think of the Magazine like a real periodical (online or dead-tree). That can help with context a little. Thank you for your contribution!