Could/Should we please "protect" the quick docs repo so that all changes require PRs?

Hi Peter, I deserve blame for enabling the PR only option. I overlooked your counter suggestions with committer group, which should achieve a better outcome.

I believe there is a steady growth of activities in Quick Docs contributions in recent months.

Can we resume usual work or you need some space until further notice?

The “lead” as I think of if (and I suppose @jflory7 sees it) is quite different from a single point of failure, and quite different from someone, who makes a contribution from time to time as it suits them.

For every project, a well-organized group is needed that works steadily, continuously and systematically on maintenance and development over the long term. And a group usually needs a kind of “secretary” who takes care of ongoing communication and organization. And this function should rotate within the group on a regular basis.

I have been trying to fill this role for more than a year, and we as the docs team have managed to get a lot done. But in the long term, I can’t do this on top of the other projects I’m involved in.

The issue is resolved, and we should simply close this episode. :slight_smile:

And we should close this thread - I don’t know who has the privileges to do that - and continue to plan and organize our work.

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The original poster could, or me if you like.