Corrupt kernel file for coreos 20220213.3.0

I am getting a corrupt kernel file for

The according sig file doesnt verify with a Fedora-35 key imported from /etc/pki/RPM-GPG…-35-primary on an existing distro.

Hash file doesnt match either.

Actual Hash: SHA256 ff4c2245e3e64b8459c28b25963eaad19b2d3d6c87a047b3afc69961338cbc86
Hash according to website:
SHA256 819fda78ef91bbb41809433c36e2047c5fcf4324b7d14b3a4a13b77d47565a3d

I just downloaded that image you linked and the sha256sum matches the value you note as the website value.
I used wget to retrieve the file and not the browser.

$ sha256sum *
819fda78ef91bbb41809433c36e2047c5fcf4324b7d14b3a4a13b77d47565a3d  fedora-coreos-35.20220213.3.0-live-kernel-x86_64

Refetched it half an hour ago, got the website hash as intended.
Can’t reproduce now.
The “wrong” fetch weirdly got the wrong file from 3 different source IPs. Each time with wget.