CoreOS for WorkStation?


GNU/Linux since 1999, I’m under Fedora Workstation since 2014, and I’ve tested SilverBlue 30, 31 and 32, and I love the rpm-ostree, but there is too much problems for me on SB for now ( missing U2F in Flatpak, boot password in the wrong keyboard layout, docker-compose features missing, Nautilus favourites missing inside Flatpaks, … )

So, may be the good solution for me, could be to use CoreOS and to add it the packages of WorkStation on it.

Has someone have already done that and can tell me if there is any problems?


I know this is not what you’re asking for, but I’ll list some of the workarounds for the above anyway in case anyone stumbles upon this thread facing the same issues in the future.

I would assume the boot password layout issue is related to luks encryption, right?
In that case, you would simply add your desired keymap in /etc/vconsole.conf (ie KEYMAP=“us-dvorak”), as I’m sure you’ve already done, then inform rpm-ostree about generating an initramfs like so:
sudo rpm-ostree initramfs --enable --arg=-I --arg=/etc/vconsole.conf

I’m fairly sure Gtk3 bookmarks should already be accessible under Flatpak (?).
In any case, you could use a global override to let every Flatpak app access these:
flatpak override --user --filesystem=~/.config/gtk3-0/bookmarks

@kon14 You’re right, it’s not what I’ve asked :wink:
I’ve tried SB while about 6 months, in my case I’ve lost too much time (no french layout on boot for luks encryption, no access of Nautilus bookmarks inside Apps, no U2F access in Firefox because of Flatpak, many troubleshoots with IDE to access external programs, podman replacement isn’t really compatible and poor podman-compose compatibility, each time I’m opening Gnome Terminal in 95% of the time I need to type toolbox enter… ), you can see theses questions on my profile.

I really hope to switch to SB soon, but currently there is too much problem « in my case ». I’m not really sure the Flatpak way was the good one (now, there is a lot of commercial or untrusted apps in Flathub … ). I love the idea of containers, but may be a firejail on the apps installed with dnf is enough. What I believe is missing for security is an internal Gnome popup confirm each time an app try to access to some privacy devices/content (out of the folder of his configuration, access camera, gps etc… )

But, it’s another subject :wink:

So, for now, I believe it’s may be a good idea to have CoreOS and then to install the packages of Workstation on it… and after some more researches, I’ve found there is not yet LUKS encrypted possibility on CoreOS, so I’ll wait for it :slight_smile: