CoreOS assembler: How to enable a service which is added as rpm package?

Hi, the context of the question is coreos-config and coreos-assembler…
can someone tell me shortly how I can enable a service which was added to a manifest file. After building, installing & booting, I see that the service is registered as inactive… I have tried two variants to auto-enable the service, both did not work:

  1. add post-process (systemctl enable…) to manifest file
  2. added an entry analog to ‘enable fedora-coreos-pinger.service’ in a overlay file

Thanks a lot for any advice!

It needs to be part of the presets (option 2).
I’m guessing your overlay files aren’t being read; do you see the directory being processed early on in the output of cosa build?

See for a bit of background on why we use presets.

ok…I did a second round with option 2 and it worked…thanks a lot for the hint!