Coreboot, Heads, any experience?

I have a Thinkpad T430 that supports coreboot, Intel ME neutering, a premade coreboot setup called Skulls and even the tampering resistant Heads option for it.

I am wondering if anyone here has experience there. I currently have the custom BIOS 1vyrain on it, unlocking Wifi 6 + Bluetooth. The embedded controller is flashed to remove the battery whitelist too. Its pretty great.

Running Fedora Kinoite on it, but I want to make it into a high security device with Coreboot+Heads + Kinoite or even QubesOS.

Has anyone experience? There are some modern Laptops with coreboot support too, I gave up on Chromebooks as the hardware just sucks. But Novacustom, Starlabs, (Purism Librem lol), maybe more all work.