COPR and scons - SConstruct not found?

Hi all,
I was using COPR to build and test some packaging recently and I am using scons, not make.
Through last night, I was able to build this way and then suddenly today, seemingly without changing anything (just rebuilding with existing tarball and spec file) I am getting an error that the SConstruct file can’t be found.
I am truly perplexed.

EDIT: This builds fine for me locally on Fedora 35 and EL 8

If you think it’s a COPR issue, it’s best to speak to the COPR team directly:

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Long story, short: problem between keyboard and chair and it took me a while to figure out what I was doing wrong.
I’m still not sure what changed and caused the problem in the first place, but it’s not anything broken in COPR and my builds are running smoothly now

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