Cool less-known apps you recommend

I’ve been looking for more cool projects to try out on my machine and found a couple of apps that scratch that particular itch, but I’d love to see what else people found for their workflow.

So what’s an app that you don’t see a lot of people talking about but you find to be really cool and useful? Share it out with everyone! Preferrably ones that are available for Fedora through the repos or through flatpak. Being FOSS is another bonus!

My personal recommendation is Textsnatcher, a really cool, really simple app to help you extract text from files where you wouldn’t be able to Ctrl+C/ Ctrl+V it, like images and PDF files (particularly useful for college textbooks, found out about it just in time before a new semester). There are a couple OCR apps in the wild, but this is the first one that actually worked properly for me.


It uses the xdg-desktop-portal to get a screenshot of the system, tries to recognize the text contained in the image, and drops the extracted text to your clipboard. Really simple and really useful. An added plus for being one of the few elementary-related apps that actually looks good with other GTK themes.


I get a lot of use out of Cherrytree. I have a notebook for all of my work notes, which is handy for me and will hopefully be helpful to my successor someday. I wrote an article for a while ago.

Cherrytree was originally in Python, but when the Python 2 EOL happened, the developer decided to rewrite it in C++ instead of moving to Python 3. I have a COPR that I update fairly regularly. Once upstream seems ready to call it “done” (which seems like it’ll be soon), I’m going to bring it back into the official Fedora repos.

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Mostly I try random open source games. Some in Fedora and some from source code. For applications in Fedora, I’d recommend Calibre. It is a program for managing ebook collections. I have a large amount of rpg books in pdf. For programs not in Fedora, I recommend Leocad. It is a digital Lego building program. It’s not as easy to use as other Lego builders but I like it.


While we wait for GNOME 42 to bring the prefer-light and perfer-dark preferences for color-schemes and specially for libadwaita apps, a really nice project is color-scheme-simulator, which enables even GNOME 40 and 41 users to manually set the light/dark mode in libadwaita apps that don’t offer an option to do so (most notably in my use case GNOME Tasks and Fragments).

It’s a bit tricky to use it, as you’ll need GNOME Builder to run the GUI, but you basically just need it once to set it and forget it.