Contributing as a tester

Does fedora need more testers? I’m thinking to start contribute more on testing side since I’m bit comfortable on other stuff yet.

I have extra Thinkpad that I can bring on this it runs now silver blue

Always been liking testing new stuff, messing around and braking things and. Going on Certifications on IT support Specialist and system administrator by Google and love coding websites html,css, sass, java script ( jquary, react ) learning now python, c++, node ja/node.js design patterns and Rust ( slow paste learning when I have time and motivation )

So think testing might be awsome start to be more active and progress more when have more skills and time to get involved

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You are always welcome to contribute!

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It always needs more people to test and contribute!

One great way to contribute is enabling the updates-testing repository (sudo dnf config-manager --set-enabled updates-testing) , and provide feedback for packages in Bodhi, see


Thank you for all answers will enable today testing updates and start testing

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