Continuing with the discussion of Tag Owner in Fedora Join SIG

How is willing to colaborate in this?

cc: @ankursinha @alciregi



Sure, I can help. I guess the usual folks—admins of the FAS group and so on—should all own the tag so we distribute the work?

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@mattdm Can you Please assign @ankursinha @alciregi and I to work with the #join tag? if is possible has more than one people to a tag?


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Can’t assign more than one person; the “ownership” is really only over the sidebar-description post (and represents the person I’ll ping first if there’s a problem). But I can make that post assigned to you and then also a wiki so the others can also edit it easily. And anyone can of course share the general responsibilities of making sure posts are responded to, etc.

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Sorry. I’m a bit confused. The ownership of the tag, ok. And where the sidebar description is? Is it a post? Like the one for a category? And where is it?

Yeh, just this one:

The sidebar description is in taken from a post which is linked (by number — I have to do it manually) to the tag. It shows up when you view the list of posts with that tag — click #join and look over on the right side.

I’m pretty sure this is only on desktop, and it goes away if the browser has a very narrow width. I’m not sure what to do about mobile, really.

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Yes yes. No problem with the mobile version.
I didn’t find where to edit the tag description, but @ankursinha pointed me to that is what I was looking for.
Thank you all


I can’t reply to the topic about the tag description.
“a link to where people looking to join should start?”
Eh… If I’m not wrong there was already an open discussion on the mailing list. Do we have a good place? We have something on the wiki or there is always whatcanidoforfedora, but both need a refresh.

Oh, sorry — here’s a better place for that conversation anyway. That topic shouldn’t have replies because it slows down the sidebar if it does, apparently.

Anyway: I’m not sure where the link should be, but I definitely want to point people in the right place. Where should they start to get to the ticketing workflow, basically? We could even just have it say that, with a link.

We have this document Welcome to Fedora! :: Fedora Docs that describes how the workflow works. But how does this workflow start? Usually it is we who propose to follow that workflow. It isn’t that a newcomer ask to create a ticket, because they contact us and “hey, I want to contribute, where do I start?” many times without having read any document.

This is the best we have at the moment:

(also needs to be updated to link to here now)

We used to point to fp.o/join etc., but I think we want to move away from that.

The workflow does start with people dropping in and speaking to us. We’ve tried to ensure that they get to speak to humans rather than go on an automated path.