Constant Fails in updates

Why am I getting constant messages from selinux saying that an important update failed. Is it telling me that it didn’t install something that is redundant for all my machines except for one…

Where are you seeing that message? Under what conditions?

I do updates with dnf and never see such a message.
I think others using gnome software or possibly allowing the packagekit automatic updates may see such a message.

Could you try running sudo dnf upgrade --refresh and see what the results are.

The software app will show system up to date. The message I get will popup on the desktop. I have try dnf, Yum and the software app to update and still the message will pop upI usually after a fresh boot. Thanks for responding.

you need to provide the error message, screenshot or text, but we need to read and understand what the error is about.

Please have a look at the following Doc page, it helps to diagnose the issue (if the issue is SELinux related):

What version of Fedora are you on? Or does it look like in

I see that occasionally on my VM where I have not disabled the packagekit nor packagekit-offline-update services since the metadata for those are not necessarily in sync with the metadata for dnf.

If you use the gnome-software and packagekit tools for updates then it should not be showing up regularly except as a reminder that there are new updates available. If you are using dnf for updates then it seems the notification is harmless.