Considering a general reorganization of this site!

Happy holidays!
I see you around the forums, @mattdm , and I appreciate all that you do and all that other volunteers and other contributors do.
I think the layout and direction of the site is very positive! I do however, think that the category named “the water cooler” should be aptly explained as a place to discuss general off-topic stuff, preferably as a parenthesis in the category header. The bullet point, as presented, would be okay. It took half a minute for me to understand the reference… (I’m not an office person, more of a factory floor person).

Also, “Specific workflows” is to me, pardon the pun, not specific enough. Maybe “your specific workflow(s)” would be slightly more encouraging/inviting to participation?

In any case; as society moves forward, the perfect solution of yesterday will be superseded by the perfect solution of tomorrow. I expect we will review the success of the final layout of this revision in two - three years time, and implement proven quality of life improvements which pop up in the meantime.


Thank you! That’s always nice to hear.

Yeah, I’m torn between using something cute like “Water Cooler” and just having a boring functional description. A cute name seems more friendly and fun, but also don’t translate cross-culturally (and as you note even within people’s experiences in one culture). Hopefully the description will be sufficient… — as you say, we can always review and adjust.

Maybe “Team Workflows” or “Team Specific Workflows” or “Project Workflows”? Or “Factory Floor”? :slight_smile:

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This is now live. Let’s see how it goes — hopefully this general scheme will be good for another three years of growth at least. :slight_smile:

I already answer this in another place because I couldn’t find this one.

Yeah, I think this thread is Done and it’s time for followups to go in their own specific threads anyway. :classic_smiley: