Conntrack -L doesn't show anything

Hello.I have a nftables firewall running on my Fedora 31 systemd (kernel 5.5.10, nftables 0.9.1) and I have conntrack-tools installed (v.1.4.5).
I want to see my established connection by running conntrack -L but I get this message:

conntrack v1.4.5 (conntrack-tools): 0 flow entries have been shown.

How it this possible? Isn’t conntrack command compatible with nftables? Should I use nfct command instead? Sadly, if I just execute nfct list timeout to try what’s going on, I get an strange error: nfct v1.4.5: netlink error: Invalid argument

I don’t know if these tools are obsolete or properly configured…documentation is very scarce!!!

Did you ran it as root? (update: :-)

Yes, yes. Sorry for not pointing it out.