Connection Refused Error during Installation of Fedora Asahi Remix

Hey guys, when I was installing the Asahi Linux on my macbook pro with M2 chip, the installation process went smoothly until OS package info download. I don’t understand why my connection is refused and the error number is 61.

I use Macbook Pro M2 Max and my system version is Sonoma 14.2.1, here’s a screen shot of the problem. Thank you for your help!

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Sounds like you had a network issue during the install, or you have some kind of blocking/firewalling involved that is blocking our CDN endpoint (or maybe the CDN itself had an issue). Try again later? You need to be able to access and .

Thanks a lot for replying. It turns out that I can’t connect to, but unfortunately I can’t figure out why.

The internet has become fragmented. Certain countries deny connections originating from some list of other countries, and some countries don’t allow internal sites to connect to some list of other countries. There are also transient denials for blocks of IP’s associated with “bad” behaviour (e.g., denial-of-service atacks, etc.). These sometimes affect innocent bystanders.

Can you check what IPs that second hostname resolves to?

You can try to use some simple command line tools to get an idea for where it goes wrong:

  1. DNS can be tested with dig Ideally you should get a line in the output that tells you the value of the A record being

  2. More details about HTTP + TLS connection can be gathered with curl -v if DNS is resolving correctly. It will show if any TCP connection can be made on port 443, what certificate your computer is seeing being offered by the remote host, and if/what kind of response you receive from it.

Now depending on where it goes wrong you have different options of fixing it / circumventing issues. For example if DNS resolution is the only thing broken for you, you could try using another DNS server etc.