Connect with A2DP audio and HFP microphone at the same time

I’ve finally managed to connect my Bluetooth headset, to my computer. But now if I want to choose is as a microphone, the output device automatically changes to the HFP profile. I researched on it but can’t seem to find anything useful, hence most things were related to PulseAudio and suggested PipeWire as a fix or suggested things which I already had set up.

Is there any way to have both chosen at the same time, as suggested in the title?


  • Fedora Workstation 36
  • Pipewire:
    Compiled with libpipewire 0.3.56
    Linked with libpipewire 0.3.56
  • Freebuds Pro; Headset
  • Intel Corporation Dual Band Wireless-AC; Bluetooth controller
  • Kernel 5.18.13-200.fc36.x86_64