Connect to communication port of WWAN card using serial in Putty

Hi Guys

I have a Sierra Wireless EM7455 WWAN (cellular) modem in my Dell Lattitude 5520 laptop. I have fedora36 running in it. When I try to connect to the communication port of WWAN via serial connection in Putty, it gives me a permission error. The WWAN card is enabled to AT mode. What am I doing wrong?



Try to put your user in to the dialup group.

To add a little detail to what was said by @ilikelinux

If you do an ls -l /dev/ttyUSB2 it will show you the owner and group for the device. If the group is ‘dialout’ as I would expect, then the command sudo usermod -a -G dialout USERNAME should add that user to the group. After logging out then back in you should have access.

Thanks for the detailed explanation. I was using the f36 live media and for some reason the usermod command was not adding the user liveuser to the dialout group. I then, sudo into putty and managed to connect to the ttyUSB2 port.

It probably was adding the user to the group, but from the live media you cannot log out then back in and group changes only take affect with a new login. Logging in with ssh counts as a new login to that gave you access.