Conky-Manager Seamod Crash

Thanks to these forums I now have Fedora32 running beautifully, and even fast, on my ancient 4gb RAM Toshiba (BIOS) laptop. One minor irritation, however, concerns the Conky-Manager app. In general, it works well - except for one thing: I like to use ‘Seamod’ because it shows, among other things, what apps are running. Unfortunately, however, while it appears on my screen initially after startup, it quickly crashes. Other Conky-Manager modules work perfectly.
Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, found a solution?

How is it crashing? Does it create a coredump? If you run it from a terminal and it crashes, what information is displayed in the terminal?

If it is coredumping, we can capture the dump and open a bug against it which will help the developer quickly identify and rectify the problem.

Check /var/spool/abrt for some core information. If there is none, we can help configure the system to capture coredumps.

Thanks Striker. Wise advice, but Conky-Manager works well with everything apart from “Seamod” in Fedora32. It also works well in Budgie-Ubuntu 20.04 and in Manjaro (latest XFCE version) which do not display the Seamod glitch.
I suspect it has something to do with the screensize and maybe old display manager on my very ancient Toshiba 17 inch laptop. Quite honestly I cannot be bothered to investigate further and file a bug report. I was just hoping someone else had found a solution. It is far from being a serious problem for me.
I may follow your advice at some future time when my lockdown status has ended (I’m 77 with asthma, so need to be careful) and my concentration levels have gone up again!