Configuring Wireguard

Hey everyone, I"m new to Silverblue and really struggling with this cocmmand line. From my understanding, if I use Toolbox and containers then I’d have to direct that to my web browser? And from there it’s very unclear where to go. Anyways, i’m mainly using it so I don’t break anything and just use an Ubuntu VM so I can properly work. With that said, I’m trying to configure Wireguard and I can find my IP address from Google - but i didn’t buy a laptop to use Linux so that I can ask Google waht my ip address is. Usually i’d just type “ipaddr show” if I had DNF but unforunately this system uses rpm-ostree - so I have no idea how to navigate around. Anyone have resources other than the cheatsheets that are available? Those seem to get me nowhere ha. what is the command to find my ip address is my frist question for the record.

Simply import the WireGuard connection profile to NetworkManager:
WireGuard in NetworkManager – Thomas Haller's Blog

See also this recent Magazine article: Configure WireGuard VPNs with NetworkManager - Fedora Magazine

Thanks! Looks a bit intense and I saw a Python suggestion in there ha. I shoudn’t say intense - I understand you have to do a keygen and blah blah the reality is - after I installed it yesterday I literlaly lost my entire cloud infrastructure for two (2) websites b/c I couldn’t access the pem keys. I’m not a programmer and although I can recognize certain languages - i’m not much of a script wrtier. I’m just gonna carry onw ithout a VPN I suppose b/c I have no idea how to even start syncing my vm’s w/ Ubuntu up to my cloud ami images: Ubuntu Amazon EC2 AMI Finder
With super computers doing a trillion things in a second - I"m wondering why we are still using the command line…I guess it made sense from a security standpoint before - but it doesn’t really fundamentally make sense to me now? GUI instructions for everything woudl be fantastic b/c the command line and I don’t like each other.

There is a GUI for WireGuard setup in NetworkManager in KDE but I don’t know about status in GNOME right now.

There’s an open issue for it here: Support WireGuard in VPN in GNOME Control Center GUI (#982) · Issues · GNOME / Settings · GitLab