Configuring local audio for reception on remote server

I’ve been using Fedora Workstation (currently F37 with KDE Plasma 5.27) long enough to appreciate it more than Windows or Mac, but I’m a regular business user and do no coding. For most issues, I can GTS, but this one has me stumped.

Problem: How to route audio input from a Fedora 37+ machine into a remote Windows Server 2019 box. I need to dictate from a mic in the laptop into an app in the server. The server is set up properly to allow this. It’s unclear to me whether Fedora/KDE can be configured to route remote audio and I haven’t done it correctly, or whether Fedora/KDE cannot be set to behave in the way I need.

The initial task item is that I have no clue whether to dive into Fedora or into KDE. The next task item is that I don’t know what is the next task item.

Pipewire is active. I use KRDC and X11 to remote out. (Wayland has issues when rendering the remote desktop.) I’ve looked for information in the customary places, and found nothing on point.

Is this something I should even try to understand and fix? The alternative, which I’m resisting, is to install Windows on the machine.