Configured repositories in Discover jump around in the list


If you enable or disable an RPM repository using Discover, the repository you changed and others from the same configuration file will immediately jump to the bottom of the list, which can be quite confusing. So if you perform multiple operations, be careful to check you are clicking on the right item, because the list keeps re-organizing itself after each action.

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Bugzilla report: #2011774


An update has been released to fix this issue.

After you update your system in your usual way (and possibly reboot), you should no longer be affected by it.

This bug has been closed with ‘CLOSED ERRATTA’ status and the upstream bug shows a fix that has been pushed already to f35. @mattdm I think it should be closed and wiped off the proposed common bug list.

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I think the convention for the wiki page is that issues solved during the beta get removed from the list, but ones found after get recorded as fixed but left.

Shoild we keep that practice here?

I think we should keep the wiki practice, or at least for $time after the bug is closed. If we close it too soon, people who haven’t updated might not see that an update fixes the issue. Yes, people should update before reporting bugs, but they don’t always for a variety of reasons and we should be empathetic to that.

Edited to clarify what I’m saying “yes” to

I have to agree with Ben. Fixed during beta is expected and not an issue if the fix is already in the final ISO. Fixes that occur after the freeze may be encountered so keeping it like the wiki does is informative for those who encounter it and may help them solve things on their system without a new bug report.

So discussion here doesn’t get lost in this bug, see followup question on this