Computer says it's connected to WiFi, but won't use the internet. Question mark over the wifi symbol

Things I’ve tried:

  • connecting to another wifi: Doesn’t work. Its not a problem with my wifi
  • booting into a different os (usb): Worked! The other os could connect to wifi

I woke up yesterday morning and it was like this – wasnt playing around with the settings or anything like that.

It appears that the “Connected” is not true.
The pop up shows the Wi-Fi is not connected.

Maybe the passphrase for the Wi-Fi is not correct?
Or maybe its trying to use the wrong router/access-point is the SSID correct?

Try setting up the Wi-Fi again.

That question mark usually means limited connectivity:

nmcli general status

Broken DNS configuration is the most common cause:

resolvectl --no-pager status
resolvectl --no-pager query