Composer package

Hello I’m interested about composer package:

As seen from the link above latest version from Fedora Updates is 1.10.17 while the composer was updated roughly three weeks ago when it’s expected to be updated officially?

While this Composer upgrade is major and has many improvements I’m looking forward to updating it ASAP. Or should I switch to the third-party repository which already provides the most current version?

I mean if Fedora Updates will provide the update in near future I’ll stick with it, otherwise, it’s worth switching to the alternative.

Take a look here for available builds:

It is likely that F32 won’t see a version bump during the release cycle (that’s a common Fedora principle).

Solution: either upgrade to F33, or try installing the F33 package in F32 (worth a try, but could fail due to depencencies)

I wouldn’t do that. It can easily cause problems, especially when it comes to updating or system-upgrades…


Thanks for the answer.

This was unexpected news for me…

Yes, I was thinking about the same and this stops me from changing the repo.

In my free time I’ll move to F33.

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