Completely removing the GNOME desktop and use the Budgie desktop

I want to completely remove GNOME desktop from my computer as if it was never installed in the first place.
I want to use the Budgie desktop that is already installed on my computer instead of the GNOME desktop.

First, wouldn’t removing the GNOME desktop completely hurt Budgie? Because the Budgie desktop is based on Gnome.
Second, how to completely remove the GNOME desktop

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Please read this topic to see what makes a spin. Just so you will be able to remove the right packages.

Instead of the server part take the Budgie one.

Just as a suggestion, best would be to install the Budgie spin from the beginning.

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I’d echo this suggestion too. Back up your home folder, take note of any packages you installed yourself (sudo dnf repoquery --userinstalled I think) and proceed.

Alternatively; just install Budgie alongside. You might find after a bit of usage you don’t like Budgie (I was the same, biggest issue is themes don’t always work) then you’ll be gutted you purged everything related to GNOME :smile:


Same I made with Mate. Installed Workstation and added Mate. Now I just use the Gnome desktop and droped Mate.

With DEs it is sometimes best to only install the spin with the DE you want to use. Sometimes installing a second DE will make removing the same secondary DE impossible. This is the case if a user installs Workstation which uses Gnome, then decides to install KDE and try it out. KDE cannot be removed cleanly afterward since it forcibly removes certain packages that are required for Gnome.

It is, though, usually OK to install a second DE and leave both installed while only using one of them.