Community Person Wanted

Hi everyone,

I’m re-focusing some things and will have no more time in my personal life for Silverblue upkeep. Is there someone who’d like to take over the Silverblue community assets?

  • Twitter
  • website PRs and self-driven changes (design and content)
  • documentation maintenance and new content

If you’re interested, you need the following skills (in order of importance):

  1. be nice and supportive
  2. very good English
  3. be good at Twitter (don’t [over-]use hashtags, don’t be a troll, don’t get into politics or flame wars, interact a lot by replying, liking, re-tweeting relevant content)
  4. know how to use GitHub
  5. know Silverblue
  6. ideally speak one or more languages other than English

I’ll introduce you to the relevant people at Red Hat and Fedora if you decide you want to take this on. As a bonus and if you prove you can follow the rules of being nice and supportive, you might also end up getting access to the Flatpak community assets. Let me know either by replying here or send me an email/a DM via this forum.

Be excellent to each other!


I know little about Silverblue although I’m interested to learn more. I do speak different languages besides English, I know how to use Github, and I’m quite good with community issues (I’m one of the admins of Fedora International and Fedora DACH in Telegram, and I’m a Ambassador as well). I’m good at Twitter. Maybe right now I’m not an intensive user of my own account, but I definitely don’t over use hashtags and dislike get into flame wars and politics, while I like interacting and sharing good/relevant content.
Do you think I could fit?
Regards and be excellent to each other!


Writing you a DM. We’ve got a few calls lined up for next week, so let’s get one in if you’ve got time as well. Cheers!

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Excellent! Thank you!

Good news, everyone!

An unexpectedly high number of people stepped forward to lead the Silverblue community. Unfortunately, this also means we had to make some choices, which means not everyone could be taken on board - but we did decide to spread this role out and give several good people a chance at shaping the future of Silverblue, both in community and, subsequently, other decisions. This means that if someone decides to stop contributing or finds they don’t have enough time, there is no sudden halt to progress.

Please welcome:

@saurabhthakre who will be the main go-to person for Silverblue community-related things. He is going to focus on GitHub with varying involvement in the forums and social media, so ping him if a PR you did hasn’t been merged in a while or you want a clearer picture of things.

@jakfrost who has already contributed to the Silverblue documentation and will keep a check on the forums as well, so if you’ve got anything related to the communication on the forums, please ping him and/or Saurabh.

@Lailah and @ketudb as the main persons for social media communication (Twitter and possibly Mastodon and others), but also taking on other parts like forums and checking on GitHub, with a varying degree of dedication, dependent on their availability.

This setup was decided based on skills, communication, Silverblue involvement, and also time availability. As time goes on, people can be added or stop their volunteer work. Our volunteer team is spread out globally, which hopefully also helps with reaching the global community.

To summarize, we have four people taking on the Silverblue community - please reach out to them if you see someone behaving badly in our forums or elsewhere. In addition, you can contact them on the forums with ideas and suggestions.

We will adjust these roles accordingly and will check in about 3 months (or earlier) whether something needs to be changed or added.

I’d like to thank everyone for their time. We are happy about contributions to documentation, website, and code for all involved projects, such as rpm-ostree and Flatpak. In addition, here are some things to tackle:

  • starting cartoons/animes around Silverblue with a story behind it
  • Mastodon
  • Instagram (from team pics to conference events to objects that fit the name to screenshots, and more)
  • YouTube videos
  • blog articles on the main website or, even better: Fedora Magazine,, DZone

To the volunteers: If you’d like to put your profile links here, a quick introduction of yourself, or just say hi as replies to this post, you’re most welcome.

Thank you, everyone - stay cool!


I’m still trying to add a second account to my Instagram
( )
If I can’t, I’ll create a new one with a different email. Any hints on this are welcome.
Kind regards,