Communicating with DSO over USB in Linux

I have a Siglent SDS1102CNL scope that has a USB port and can communicate with a PC running WinX OS. The essential issue here is the lack of driver support for Linux.

Siglent published an article suggesting use of lxi-tools (Quick remote computer control using LXI Tools - Siglent), an open source publication available on github (GitHub - lxi-tools/lxi-tools: Open source LXI tools). I have installed the software via dnf, and lsusb lists the scope among the USB devices but it seems that lxi-tools is geared to communication via LAN. I am unable to “discover” my scope or to communicate with it.

Being unfamiliar I may be misusing the command structure or there may be another tool better suited to this task. If anyone has a suggestion I would appreciate their input.


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