Color picker does not work in fedora 32

color picker does not work on fedora because of Wayland, I installed Gcolor and picker does not work because of wayland and enve 2D animation software also does not work, is there a way to solve this?

Are you sure? Which application you’re running exactly?

I installed Color Picker from Flathub (nl.hjdskes.gcolor3) and it works fine on Fedora 33 on Wayland.

You must click on the eye-dropper to enable the color picker.


no 33 must have corrected, both rpm and flatpak were not working, so I’ll wait for fedora 33

Flatpak should work the same, no matter if F32 or F33. Starting the flatpak from command line (flatpak run nl.hjdskes.gcolor3) tells you more about the issue you are facing.

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resolved, thankyou florian and fedelibre

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