[cloud-init] Is metalink supported in cloud-init repos definition?

When attempting to identify a repository configuration with metalink instead of baseurl the result is that the repo is not defined and the error identifies that baseurl is not defined in the configuration, so it fails. My question is two-fold.

  1. Is there a workaround to use the mirrorlist in the metalink definition instead of a baseurl?
  2. This appears to be a bug in cloud-init, is there any effort ongoing to add support for metalink?
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Do you have an example cloud-init configuration that you’re trying to use for this?

Is there a yum repo file that gets created that is invalid as a result of the file you pass?

Hey @dustymabe I just saw the response. I was trying to use it in a repo definitition as outlined in the cloud-config examples:
adding-a-yum-repository allows for the baseurl, but cloud-init doesn’t allow the metaurl as an alternative definition. If you define the repo without the baseurl, then you get a refusal to define the repository.