Close the fedora-web/websites repository?

Is it time to turn off issues etc on the old new websites repo? As far as I know, getfedora was the only thing that ever used that repo. As it stands there are now three places where a person might conceivably file a websites issue.

There are still ~45 issues open in that repo. My suggestion is to declare bankruptcy there and have people re-file in the GitLab repo for anything that still needs to be done. But at the least, we should make it so people can’t file new issues there.

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We can go through the issues listed there once to see which ones we can move on to the newer maintained repositories but for what its worth, it is now time for us to edit the repository readme to point people to the right place and archive the repository.

I think the Pagure setting only allows you to set the entire repo into read-only mode, so you could disable new issues but you would also have to disable comments on old ones too.