Clock stops after resuming from suspend


Hi there,

after resuming from suspend the clock widget in the toolbar is stuck at the time when I suspended the system. The date continues normally. The clock is set to automatic, when I try to change that I get an error telling me that the time can not be set. At the moment the only workaround is a restart.

I am on Fedora 38 KDE spin, but the problem already occurred before the update.

As a normal user you probably just can not set it. Did you try with sudo/root do do so?

How can I get sudo access to a widget?
Anyway, the goal is not to change the time, the goal is to have a clock the does not stop after resuming from suspend.

Of course this is the goal. If you set the clock automatic it takes the time from a time server in the internet.
If this time server is not reachable or not available because of missing network connection or user rights you can’t set the clock.

Is it an issue with the Plasma clock widget, or with the underlying system time?

Next time this happens after resuming, check if the system time is correct:


Also check the journal for any errors. This will get the last 5 minutes of journal messages:

journalctl -b --since -5min

I’m not sure if KDE Spin uses chronyd or systemd-timesyncd for synchronising time online.

ok, it is inconsistent now. sometimes the widget shows the real time, some times it does not. but timedatectl is always correct. have not had the time to check journalctl.

thank you @jn64 @ilikelinux .

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i have observed it for a while: when i intentionally enter hibernation, the time is correct at restart. but when hibernation starts by itself due to inactivity, the time is stuck.

for now I just restart plasmashell and hope for a fix:

kquitapp5 plasmashell 
kstart5 plasmashell > /dev/null 2>&1 &    

is it possible to just restart a certain plasmoid instead of the whole thing?