Clipboard isolated between apps after F31->F32 upgrade

After my upgrade from F31 to F32 my clipboard has stopped working.

Specifically, I can copy and paste between tabs/windows or Firefox, or between two different terminal windows. But I can not copy something in a terminal, and paste into a browser.

It’s like there’s some new security feature to isolate applications from each-other / sandbox, and it goes as far as blocking those evil applications from stealing contents from the system clipboard…

The foil is cutting off someone’s circulation.

How do I fix this?

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Did you try using Xorg?
This is likely a Wayland-related bug.
See also:

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Nope. But it sounds reasonable to try if it doesn’t break something else. I didn’t realize one could just ‘switch’ back from wayland to Xorg. I figured Fedora was tied pretty strongly to wayland. I’ll look into it.

Update: Well. That was extremely painless.

1. Log out.
2. Click your name/user name.
3. Do not enter your password where you normally would to log in.
4. Click the little gear in the lower right-hand corner and select “Gnome on X11/Xorg”.
5. Then enter your password and hit enter to login.

It’s working fine now in X11. I doubt I’ll go back to Wayland unless I find something I’m missing. It’ll be nice to have ssh X11 forwarding again, and TeamViewer, and other screen share apps.


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