Clicking links in Thunderbird no longer changes focus to web browser

Recently (maybe 4 weeks ago), the behavior on my system changed so that now when I click links in email messages in Thunderbird, I get a GNOME notification that “Firefox is ready”, but the focus does not change to Firefox as it used to. If I Alt-Tab or otherwise switch to the Firefox window, the tab which was opened for the link is visible as expected, but I need to manually switch to it.

Is this behavior configurable?


If you search for ready on a few extensions that change this behavior are available. I can’t speak to how well they work as I haven’t used them.

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tl;dr: install this extension to fix: NoAnnoyance v2 - GNOME Shell Extensions

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I did not make any changes, and the behavior has returned to what it used to be with the latest package updates (as of a few hours ago).

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