"Cleaning up" after uninstalling apps

Another great idea. I’ve used VMs on Mac before, all GUI of course. I spent quite a few years being fleeced for parallels before I grew up and found VirtualBox which is better and cheaper by 100% ;0)

Thing is, I am not sure if I know enough to KNOW if something has damaged my system at all! Knowledge dispels fear I guess, and I hope to obtain some soon enough! For now, due to that fear (I wouldn’t be offended if someone called it paranoia!) I feel the only way is to compartmentalise everything and ensure I CAN’T do any damage, as I really don’t think I’d know if I did. A VM would certainly serve the purpose well, thanks

I feel the only way is to compartmentalise everything and ensure I CAN’T do any damage, as I really don’t think I’d know if I did.

You are basically describing an atomic version. Give it a try, its way less complicated than what you seem to plan :smiley:

This a great piece of work, thank you.

  1. Why don’t you recommend Signal under messengers? Just curious.

  2. VLC - I like VLC but now realise it has full file access (nuts?!). Someone recommended FFMpeg to me a while back, haven’t tried it yet, wondered what you think about that? I do like the touch screen gestures (vol/brightness) in VLC, i think FFMpeg has those too.

  3. Most importantly, would appreciate you thoughts on Thunderbird/Betterbird.

A) I was planning on using BB. Read a lot and it seemed preferable to me a few months back, when i made a note to use it once I have TB set up properly (working on that).

B) I DETEST the ‘web browser’ behavior within TB. Does BB get rid of that? Is there a way to turn it off and just remove that ‘risk profie’ from my email client entirely? I will never use Thunderbird for anything but email, i intend to get a calendar app separetely even. Wondering if there’s a way to cut those things out of it but can’t see any settings to do so. I don’t fully trust Mozilla if I am honest, definitely do NOT want to start a debate (which wouldn’t change my feelings anyway), but suffice to say I’d like to lock it down a bit if that’s possible, privacy wise more than security wise, but understanding the relationship between the two.

C) Do you have any recommendations for good spam filtering? For 10-15 years I relied on my own trained spam filter in SpamSieve (proprietary/paid). That only works on Mac, which I don’t use any more. So I feel kind of out in the wilderness, I get TONS of spam. I don’t mind training something, actually quite like doing that but regardless, do you have any suggestions for good spam filtering for Thunderbird, assuming the built in “mark as junk” isn’t sufficient?

thanks again, will be reading your list again more slowly over coming days.