Clarity of site focus

This is mostly just an FYI — I’ve changed the descriptions for the Desktop and Server/Cloud/IoT categories to point people looking for end-user help and troubleshooting to the sibling site, Ask Fedora. I think it’s better to have a more clear distinction on the audiences for these two sites.

Of course, in Fedora, the line between “user” and “contributor” is intentionally vague — it’s easy to be part of the project! — so this isn’t meant as a gate. If you consider yourself “just a user”, you’re still welcome to take part in project conversations and perhaps become more involved.

I also think that it’s perfectly fine for Silverblue and IoT and other still-emerging technology conversations to take place here, because at the leading edge there’s not much distinction between types of involvement. But help/support questions about those things should also be welcome on Ask, of course.

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Great idea! A lot has changed since we first launched the site back in June/July 2018. This is a good update.