CIFS Mount over Domain Windows Share

Hello to all,

My question is about about Red hat butn not having a subscrption i hope that someone of you can help me to understand about how to mount a Windows Domain based share with Red Hat 8.0. All the linux box are joined to the windows domain but a command that works with ubuntu does not work with Red Hat 8.0

In Ubuntu we sue the following command;

mount.cifs //domain/share /home/user/monut_point -o username=user,domain=mydomain,iocharset=utf8,uid=window_domain_id

This command, which works with ubuntu, does not work with Red hat 8.0 with the following error:

CIFS: VFS: \\server Send error in SessSetup = -126
CIFS: VFS: Verify user has a krb5 ticket and keyutils is installed

So i presume in redhat i need to add the option sec=krbr5 which i don’t need in ubuntu,

Is that correct?

but how to manage automatically kerberos tickests

Thanks in advance

There are many possible reasons for this behavior. I’d recommend you to use LinuxCIFS troubleshooting - SambaWiki to provide more details that would help debugging.

Server error -126 in session setup means the kernel driver decided it needs to request a user credential (in this case, Kerberos ticket) from the userspace but the infrastructure for this is missing (cifs.upcall is not installed). Why it decided to use Kerberos to authenticate depends on multiple factors. For example, the server might enforce use of Kerberos for a particular SMB protocol flavor.

One example of how to debug output would look like is "mount error(126): Required key not available" with CIFS & Kerberos - Stack Overflow