Chromium with small font and wrong mouse cursor

In my Fedora 36 KDE, there are chromium and chromium-freework both installed. In chrorium the font is small like in tab tittle and the mouse cursor when over it changes to a different kind of cursor style, not the KDE mouse cursor with other windows.
Next there is a screenshot of chromium followed by a screenshot of chromium-freeworld. Why are there those differences?

Comparing chrome://version shows that Chromium Freeworld is using Wayland natively, unlike Chromium.

You can customize the launcher and specify the same flags, or adjust global page zoom in the browser settings, see chrome://settings/appearance#pageZoom.

Now also chromium-freeworld has the same issue as stock chromium: small font on menus and tabs, mouse cursor different from other windows.

Those settings config the aspect of web pages, not chromium itself, like tab titles and font in chromium menu.

I guess both Chromium browsers require patching for better compatibility with Wayland.
You can try searching for relevant bug reports or file a new one.